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Film reviews:

Guy Richie meets Wong Kar-Wai: Hiroyuki Nakano's Stereo Future:

"There are two directions we can go: Towards a bright future or a dark one. But we've been given the ability to make wise choices. We can choose the right path." So begins Hiroyuki Nakano's brilliant film, "Stereo Future". Part Wong Kar-Wai, part Guy Richie, Stereo Future is about our ability to decide what we do with our lives. Yet, despite having such a heavy-handed message, the film never feels pretentious. This is due to two reasons, Nakano's aptitude in directing, and a rather offbeat story. Read on for more.

Game reviews:

Castlevania: Concerto of Midnight Sun: Impressions:

From the first two hours of game play, it is already apparent that the Castlevania: Concerto of Midnight Sun is leaps ahead of its GBA predecessor. However, it is still limited to the abilities of the GBA platform, so, if there are places where the game lacks, those would be in some of it's graphical effects (in comparison to a Playstation mind you) and it's length. However, fans of the series, fans of Circle of the Moon, and those fans who loved Symphony of the Night and deplored Circle of the Moon...well everyone should play this game. (Added 6/08/2002)

Fission Mailed: Metal Gear Solid 2, Sons of Liberty:

Someone should slap Hideo Kojima for producing a game so good and yet so tragically flawed. Metal Gear Solid 2 is a remarkable achievement in immersion, from the moment you step in as Snake everything around you gives off the sensation that yes, it is tangible. And yet, when one looks at the characters that populate the world, the story that gives the world breath, one finds a situation so unbelievable that it practically fades the realism of the environment. Read on for more on the tragedy of Metal Gear Solid 2, Sons of Liberty.

Concert reveiws:

How to make an audience hate you: Momus and Romanporshe live at Ebisu's Milk, 3/15:

The first thing one notices upon entering the main floor of Ebisu's Milk is a gigantic movie screen taught across the left wall from the main stage. I was a bit surprised that an act as large as Momus was playing at a club as small as this. To be truthful, I'm not a Momus scholar, all I knew at the time was that he got started in the 80's and had written/produced for artists like Kahimi Karie.

December 2 show at Heaven's Door. Featuring: Cruyff in the Bedroom, Capsule Giants, Strawberry, Meat Eaters, and Velvet Punch.:

I remember quite vividly the day when I first discovered the internet radio stations at Spinner.com. It might have something to do with the hour or so downloading pluggins trying to get the thing to work (the world just wasn't designed for Mac users to get internet pluggins easily), or maybe it was that rush one gets the first time they "stream".

Album reviews:



Green Velvet Crapper

An emo-rock threesome based out of West Tokyo. Frequently found playing at clubs Gear (Koenji) and Heaven's Door (Sangenjaya), the group is known for active live shows and screaming vocals reminiscent of Kim Gordon.


Soft-spoken vocals and waves of distortion, the band Polyhedron could be emo, or they could be progressive rock. Another entertaining band from the greater Tokyo area.


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