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Yuriringo (Old Page) : Yuriko's webpage, chock full of interesting information that you most likely can't read since it's all in Japanese. But if you can, please do. Also host to many a picture of Yuri-chan.

Thai Pop Standard: Kazuhiro Kimura (aka Kimura-kun)'s guide to the thriving Bangkok underground and Thai event information for Japan. General information is in Japanese and English but news is Japanese only. That's life.

Hunkabutta: Tokyo photos, a stranger's life in pictures.: If this site is anything Hunkabutta is that times ten. Hunkabutta sports embarrassingly good writing and breathtaking photographs focused on life in Tokyo.

Save the Clocktower Productions: Home to our dear friend Eric's production company and other things with no relation to Japan. Also home to the increasingly popular "Armain School of Fighting". Are you tough enough, Marty?

Suicide Mang's Ultimate Coven Of Wasted Time: My friend Jordan's homepage. Home to a wide variety of humorous material including but not limited to the only officially licensed Utera page on the web. Also host to many excellent links for the film or home arcade fan.

Soviet Sindikashun's "For Ze People": Maybe you hate the capitalist system, maybe you think private property is the name of Howard Stern's new book, maybe you hate "bougouise" spelling rules like I do... Then, maybe you are, "Ze people".

ASAP Silk Screening: So I know what your thinking at home. Your thinking "Sure, Dan can make a funny site designed simply to gain him international pop celebrity, but what about a regular, corporate website?" Well, just look (flash page only). If you have any interest in getting your own "Dan-made" website, write me at [email protected]. I also do Bar-Mitzvahs.


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