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Over 80 Served



Soft-spoken vocals and waves of distortion; the band Polyhedron could be emo, or they could be engaging progressive rock. Polyhedron is another entertaining band from the greater Tokyo area. The tracks provided below offer a good view of their bipolar tendencies towards moody, self-destructive emo-pop and old school noisy ambient.

Band Info:

Vocals/Guitar: Ayato Nagazawa

Guitar: Atsushi Ueda

Bass: Manabu Takemura

Drums: Yuuri Yaguchi

For more information or schedules:

[email protected] (Japanese Only) or contact Dan and he'll try to interpret.

Live Info:



The following songs are taken from the demo Polyhedron released 2001. All words and music copyright Polyhedron (not Dan) 2001 (For the time being the mp3's will be removed while I finish transferring my site).

No Other Thing I Could

Birthday Song (Instrumental)

Polyhedron Links:

Archive passage from October 22 live show at Heaven's Door (brief).

All songs compressed to 64 k/s stereo mp3 format and then stuffed into .sit archives for your downloading pleasure. If you would like higher quality mp3s contact Dan at [email protected].


All works this site copyright D. Szkoropad, 2001-2003 unless stated otherwise. This means don't steal it or I'll tell your mother on you. Domo-kun copyright NHK.

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