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Green Velvet Crapper

Green Velvet Crapper Collage

An emo-rock threesome based out of West Tokyo. Frequently found playing at clubs Gear (Koenji) and Heaven's Door (Sangenjaya), the group is known for active live shows and screaming vocals reminiscent of Kim Gordon.

Band Info:

Vocals/Guitar: Asami Kamiya

Bass/Guitar: Tomohiko Yoshida

Drums: Keisuke Kamiya

For more information or schedules:

[email protected] Japanese Only) or contact Dan and he'll try to interpret.

Live Info:

3/25 Heaven's Door, Sangenjaya.


Green Velvet Crapper #3 cover

The following songs are taken from the demo Green Velvet Crapper #3 released 12/16/2001. All music copywrite Green Velvet Crapper (not Dan) 2001, all words copyright Asami, 2001 (For the time being the mp3's will be removed while I finish transferring my site).


Green Velvet Crapper

Kaze Ni Natte

Green Velvet Crapper Links:

Archive passage from October 22 live show at Heaven's Door (brief).

All songs compressed to 64 k/s stereo mp3 format and then stuffed into .sit archives for your downloading pleasure. If you would like higher quality mp3s contact Dan at [email protected].


All works this site copyright D. Szkoropad, 2001-2003 unless stated otherwise. This means don't steal it or I'll tell your mother on you. Domo-kun copyright NHK.

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