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Photos from the Tokamachi Snow Festival 2004.

Bear A bear made of snow? Totoro Totoro and human in order to compare size Welcome Welcome to Tokamachi
Dragon A dragon sculpture Buddha The Buddha or some sort of racist statue, I'm not sure igloo Igloo statue things...
Micky and Minnie Mouse Mickey and Minnie Mouse Random Sculpture Ancient sacrificial alter Monkies Hey, hey we're the Monkees
Faces Guard statues flower A giant snow flowers A shrine to Matsui Homeruntheon, a shrine to Matsui
Central Tokamachi Downtown Tokamachi Snowy Yakiniku How about some ice cold yakiniku old man Snow made tea room A tea area made entirely of snow
Snow Sculpture exhibition Statues More monkeys Um...hey hey, we're the Monkees Weird sculpture A creepy snow sculpture
Stage at opening The Snow Festival stage band A J-Pop band played first Enka performance Followed by some enka
Nuclear Blast It was a blast! The kimono show Then there was a kimono show The power dance And a dance performance
The final bow Everyone bowing at the end of the performance Closing ceremony Then they had the closing ceremony It got really cool Where they shot fire!
Then they launched fireworks And then some fireworks Some fireworks Which is what we have here More fireworks As well as here
...and then we got scared by the qoo mascot And then we all got scared at the illuminated image of the Qoo mascot


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