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5/01 12:00 AM Happy Anniversary

Today is Yuriko and my ten-month anniversary. To commemorate, I have opened the SatoYuri photo gallery. Jyuu ka getsu omedeto!

Yuriko Gallery Link

4/28 9:50 PM

Hello again. Just writing to say report that I fixed a problem with my HTML code where the menu bar would display incorrectly on Windows machines (didn’t recognize the problem until after I had originally uploaded the site because it displayed fine on Macintosh machines). Now all of the menu options should be perfectly aligned and all of the stripes the same size. If you have any problems, please write me or post on the message boards. Also beat Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers if you’re keeping track at home.

Please note the other new update below!


4/28 The Truth About San Luis Obispo

Inexplicably and infallibly, whenever I mention that I spent my Easter vacation in San Luis Obispo the person I’m talking to will ask “why?” The truth is San Luis Obispo is a pleasant, quiet beach town; aside from the slightly uncomfortable fear of being abducted that small towns bring with them the SLO is a great place to relax.

In the words of one of my colleagues: San Luis Obispo is Santa Cruz without all the hippies.

The whole vacation was sort of like a trip to the zoo; there were cats and seals and emus and such. For some reason the beach was littered with the bodies of malformed mussels. These mussels would squish when you touched them and a clear film rose off their bodies like glue off the hand of a third grader.

We ate a lot. But when we weren’t eating we saw movies, went to the beach, visited an ostrich farm and traveled to the Dutch (?) themed town of Solvang. Solvang is cute for the five minutes it takes to realize that the whole town is filled with worthless knick-knack dealers. My father, sister and I watched the movie “Holes” (pretty good…outstanding for a kids movie).

The gallery is up now so go look!

emucloudsI don't knowsky

4/26 Back

I’m home. Just writing to tell you that I’m back from my trip now and am planning on uploading my photos tomorrow. Bye!

4/22 Burritos

Hello again. Just writing to inform you guys that I am going on vacation until Friday, so let me refer you to the archives or the galleries until I get back.

Had a job interview for a position as a Web Developer today with which I am quite happy. Happy enough to by myself a burrito even.

4/21 9:37PM Ravioli, Air Hockey, Accordions

Hey all. Yesterday was Easter Sunday. For those of you in non-Christian countries, Easter is like the other side of Christmas; if Jesus Christ (From whom Christianity gets it’s name, sort of like Buddha and Buddhism) was born on Christmas, Easter marks the day that Jesus returns from death to converse with his followers before rising to heaven. At any rate, Easter, like Christmas is usually celebrated with one’s family and plates of food.

Italian-Americans are notorious for being a little creative with their religion (in comparison to our Orthodox Catholic grandparents) and my family is no different. We met on Saturday, a day before Easter (theoretically while Jesus was still dead) in order to avoid traffic and we did not go to church. Still, you’ll see from the photos that we are still fairly traditionally Italian Catholics.

Yes, yes, there’s a new Easter 2003 photo gallery...hold on...

At some point, my father, cousin Nathan and I were all sucked into building an air hockey table for my cousins. The directions were decent but the manufacturing was spotty and we ended up having to bang starter holes into the wood with a nail. People set up chairs to watch us work.

Ever the staple of Szkandelous family gatherings, my Uncle Larry began playing songs on his accordion about five feet away from where we were working. While we competed for the audience he would joke about our ability to use tools. That’s why we love him.

He also supervised the making of the ravioli we had later that night.

Anyway, the Easter gallery is up, you can reach it through this link, the photos below, or the “Recent Updates” section on the left.

Air HockeyAccordions

4/14 7:28PM Study Time!

Hey everybody, welcome to the Szkandelous English-Japanese language school. In order to improve the degree of exchange between our two cultures I offer the following link.

[ I want to study Japanese! ]

By the way, job hunting sucks.

4/13/2003 4:52PM The Rebirth of Slick

At long last the revised Szkandelous.com is up! As of right now there are still a few problems I would like to address, but for the most part I can say that the site is complete.

First of all, I’d like to work on the search engine for the Japanese site. For some reason the search engine is moody about what Japanese words it would like to hunt. I also plan to update the flash animation at the bottom of the page to look more like California (I think I might improve the artwork a little too).

Anyway, the site now sports an improved design, (hopefully) user-friendly interface, and guestbook. I also updated the galleries with thumbnails and edited the site for spelling and grammar mistakes. For a sample of the old site design, click here.

I have not time to add any new content yet (well, aside from redoing the entire site in Japanese), but will be remedying the situation in the near future. However, for the time being I think I am going to take a little break. In the mean time, please tell me what you think about the new site in the guestbooks. Anyway, I’m going to go to bed. –Dan

PS. I am the number 1 English Romanporsche site! I rule the world!!!

PPS. Instead of explaining what happened during the last few months I'm just going to post some pictures.

RedneckNot racist (tm)Yuri and MeScreen of Death
YuriNico-chanLittle BoyRidge

“The rebirth of slick like my gansta stroll, the lyrics just like loot come in stacks and rolls, you used to find a bug in a box with fade now he boogies up your stage plaits twist or braids and I’m peace like that.” – Digable Planets

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