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Hey everybody, sorry to kick this off on a down note but it looks like I won't be able to update for a week. I know, I know, it's going to be tough surviving a whole week without knowing what's "up" here in Japan but please, don’t do anything drastic. The truth is, I have next week off, so my ftp access through the school computer labs is not going to be available until class starts up again. Just be like me and look forward to that one great day when I come back to school.

Not like it really matters, f2s, my web provider is really lagging on fixing their http server so I've been the only one looking at my website lately. Which really hurts, I might add, since I have just added a *new* hit counter. Look, it's just under the spiffy flash animation to the left.

Anyway, let's think of it like a race against time. Will I come back to school before f2s fixes its server? Stay tuned.

To compensate for all this bad news, good news! Dan, the Lazman's Home of Bait's is back on line! Go read, and while your there, vote for me so that I can get a Lazzie. And thanks Dan for the lifetime achievement award, the speech is coming.

Now the real news. Finally finished midterm week, so I decided to kick it off vacation with a marathon bout of Dynasty Warriors 3. Finally unlocked Lu Bu (woo-hoo) and dominated despite him being at his lowest level.

Also beat the game with the fan guy (main boss) from the blue team. Before I carry on any farther, I think Joe Q. Public needs to know a little background. After playing though the game with the Vega character it became horribly obvious that he was not heterosexual (as if the tiara wasn't enough of an indication). While Brian was playing through the game with Vega, I played through with the fan guy, and there seemed to be small indications that, in fact, the fan guy was also gay culminating in the fan guy checking out Vega during the dance number in Vega’s ending.

However, after seeing the fan guys ending, I am soo-oo confused. First off, where as Vega's ending clearly shows the fan guy checking out Vega as he’s dancing, the fan guy's ending shows him avoiding the whole dance number thing by checking out the singer, who is a girl. Furthermore, the fan guy’s ending calls into question the heterosexuality of other, previously unquestioningly heterosexual people on the blue team such as the eye-patch guy with the gigantic sword who is clearly shown with Vega trying to convince the fan guy into "something" (you can't tell what because there are no words). Finally, when it looks like the eye patch guy is going to ask the fan guy out, bam, the previously mentioned singer scene. This is scandal ladies and gentleman, and I don't mean like Szkandel.


I am one bad ass-samurai. Today I played an arcade game where you grab a sword and you actually swing the sword to kill people and, it turns out, I am one bad-ass mofo with a katana. I could probably take out Leonardo.

At first the game looked pretty un-cool. However, after watching Brian play a round I decided to give it a try and showed prowess to the extent that I couldn’t justify not beating the game. We also beat Time Crisis 2, finally. The last boss is really easy, just in case you are wondering.



We decided on Mr. Donut, so there are still no pictures of Heaven's Door. Also, I must apologize; the theme song to "Caution Seaman" is actually "Something really bad". I've come to the conclusion that ASCII (makers of the "Seaman" series) should shoot their advertising department. There are, of course, the obvious problems of having a theme song that goes "Something really bad", or even including the word "seaman" in the title, but I'm talking about something even more insidious.

“Caution Seaman” is fine, I guess, but what the hell is up with “Don’t Panic, Seaman”. Why didn’t they just write the whole thing in capital letters? It freaks me out.


Yesterday was 8 degrees Celsius, but today it has warmed up to a toasty 12. Near my house there is a video game store advertising the release of the sequel to "Don't panic, Seaman" with a song that goes "Something very bad, something very bad, something very ba, ba, something very bad". There is no longer any doubt in my head that generally things in Japan are weirder than those in the US.

On the particular trip where I happened across this "song", I was on my way to buy pastries with the intention of later working on the website. However, some of my Heaven's Door peeps were lined up outside the club, so I might just go there tonight. If so, that means that pictures are imminent.

When I got home from the store, I got an email from the currently-returning-from-home-stay Brian, who says that he is going to pass by Sangenjaya on his way home, which implies a visit to Donuts-san (that is, San Francisco China Town's Famous, Mr. Donut) for coffee or maybe even Heaven's Door.

In other news, the other Dan's page of baits has gone the way of the Blue Rock Shoot. Dan too, will get a line of silence.

I haven't been able to find my band, so we haven't practiced yet. If we actually do pull this off, we're playing, and I'm not sure about these names because I don't have the case for the CDs but… "Beat on the brat", "I remember you", "Sheena is a punk rocker", "It's over", and the crowd favorite, "KKK took my baby away". Other than that, still working on "the big update", I'll keep you updated, ha ha ha (smack).

Something very bad, something very bad, something very ba, ba, something very bad.

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