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Version 2.0 (March 23, 2003)

Szkandelous.com was started as a way to convey my experiences studying abroad in Tokyo to my friends in the United States. Since then I’ve moved back the US, received my degree in Japanese language and literature, and have begun searching for a job. Since my old reason is no longer valid, this site is now about the many ways Japanese and American culture meet.

As of March 2003, this site sports an online diary focusing on the ups, downs, and myriad strange places in between of living an international lifestyle, live and recorded music reviews, film reviews and game reviews emphasizing the obscure and international. Sooner or later there should be online samples of music and possibly online games.

All humor on this site works under the assumption that you aren't taking what I'm saying too seriously and also realize that I'm really fond of Japanese culture, so I'm not doing this just to say how dumb Japan is. Most of the photos, most of the write and all of the errors are copyright D. Szkoropad 2001-2003.

The site was designed primarily with Photoshop, BBEdit and Dreamweaver. The massive redesign was made possible through a harmony of editing templates with BBEdit and applying them through Dreamweaver. The site is optimized to work with any browser and supports “elegant degradability”: it looks wonderful with graphics turned off and is only marginally less attractive to browsers with incomplete Cascading Style Sheet support such as iCab (despite this fact the site still makes iCab smile!). Everything on this site is fully HTML 4.01 and CSS 2.0 compliant

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All works this site copyright D. Szkoropad, 2001-2003 unless stated otherwise. This means don't steal it or I'll tell your mother on you. Domo-kun copyright NHK.

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