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Up the 
        stairs to one of the first temples we visited 階段の上に最初に訪問したお寺 More of 
        that temple, hey look, it's Mina. ミナちゃんとお寺 A shrine. 神社
        shrine. もう一つの神社 I'm not 
        sure what this is, but it looks kinda like a grave. お墓ですか? The most 
        Japanese picture that I own. 撮った写真の中の最も日本らしい写真
At the 
        top of one of the temples there was this guy in one of the rooms playing 
        a drum. I bring you "drum playing priest". ドラムを打つ坊主 Yeah, we 
        were up pretty high (it was quite hot and I think most of us had saturated 
        our shirts on the way up). So anyway, this is the view from the top. 山の上から The "Daibutsu", 
        the second largest statue of Buddha in all of Japan. 鎌倉の大仏
        with lotus flower. 大仏と睡蓮 If your 
        a big Buddha, you gotta have big shoes right? I present to you, "Daikutsu". 大仏なら大靴 I know 
        you've often thought to yourself, well, a giant Buddha is okay, I guess, 
        but wouldn't it be cool if we could see inside of the great Buddha. 大仏の中
        photo from inside the big man. もう一つの大仏の中で撮った写真 An incence 
        burner, dramatic shot. 香料、超ドラマチック Another 
        shot of the Daibutsu. もう一回大仏
The Buddha, 
        in blue. ブルーな大仏 Buddha, 
        deep in thought. 考え中仏陀 More "action" 
        shots of the Daibutsu. 更に大仏
        to another temple. もう一つのお寺の入り口 Hey, that's 
        me. 僕です Classical 
        Japan, with vending machines. 伝統的日本と自動販売機
The second 
        most Japanese photo I own. 二番目の最も日本らしい写真 The other 
        side of that bridge. その橋の向こう The guard 
        to the entrance to one of the temples. 石像
        that photo with me in it, you can see that same building, but from an 
        uphill angle. もう一つの神社 It's always 
        good to know that some things are the same as in the US. 相変わらずカモメ The intention 
        was to have the flock fly away right when I took the picture, but I'm 
        not lucky. 飛んでる鳥の写真を撮りたかったけど
A pond 
        full of lillies, zen. 池、ユリ、禅 More of 
        an "art" shot. 橋の脇 If you 
        look closely, there's a turtle in the upper center portion of the picture, 
        how cute. 亀が出た!
        shot of nagashi-somen. 流しそうめん Everyone 
        eating. 流しそうめんを食べる皆さん Another 
        shrine. もう一軒の神社
A fountain 
        and a sign that says, "don't drink the water". 噴水 Another 
        art shot, this time of the bottom side of one of the temples' roofs. お寺の屋根が格好いいと思った A tatami 
        room. 畳部屋
Some of 
        the engraving on the roofs. Hey, is that the triforce. 彫刻した屋根 On the 
        way up the large hill there was this small rest area. What you see are 
        stones with the names of people who have donated large amounts of money 
        to this particular temple. 寄付金出した人の記念石


All works this site copyright D. Szkoropad, 2001-2003 unless stated otherwise. This means don't steal it or I'll tell your mother on you. Domo-kun copyright NHK.

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