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        the platform waiting for my train another shinkansen was sitting in front 
        of me being symmetrical. 新幹線 My 
        hotel room in Fukuoka had such a magnificent view that I had to take a 
        picture. 福岡の部屋からのビュー The wacky 
        Osaka skyline, as taken from my seat on the shinkansen. 大阪の変なスカイライン
        the way to the hotsprings we came across a waterfall. 温泉から近い滝 Same 
        waterfall, this time without the fence. フェンス抜けた滝の写真 For 
        some reason everone working at the hot spring had their faces painted 
        like a raccoon, kawaii no? タヌキフェースの温泉スタッフ
Dango and 
        fish being prepared for us customers. 魚と団子 Food. 
        Yes, that is a whole fish on a stick. Oishii yo. 食べ物 Me 
        in action shot, eating said fish. 魚を食べる中の僕
Coru and 
        her boyfriend "eating" said fish. 食べる中コオルと彼氏 A 
        boy looking at the pond where they store the fish used for meals. 魚のところを見てる子供 Another 
        waterfall found on the way down to the hotsprings. 温泉へ行くと途中で見つかった滝
Me posed 
        in the gigantic shoes in front of the waterfall, don't laugh to hard. 笑わないで下さい Later 
        that day we went to this huge open field/lake to see the sun set. However, 
        it was terribly foggy so I just snapped this photo to illustrate. Is it 
        a lake and a mountain in the background, or is that a dinosaur? 霧が多かった A 
        nightime view of Beppu from my hotel room there. 夜の別府
        last day there it was pouring, this is how it looked from the shinkansen 
        back. 帰り新幹線から Another 
        view from the shinkansen, see if you can figure out what it says on the 
        building. サインは見える? I got a 
        couple of pictures of Mt. Fuji on the way back. 富士山の初体験
This is 
        the second picture of Fuji, same as the background. もう一回富士山

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