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報告: ビートポップス研究会というのは慶応義塾大学で行ったパンク系のカバーバンドを作るサークルです。以前メンバーでした。

A shot 
        of the classroom where the "action" took place. ライブの前の状態 A 
        photo of my friends Min-pei (guitar) and Monji (vocals) during there Minor 
        Threat set. マイナースレットをカバー中のミンペイ君とモンジ君 More 
        Minor Threat action. Funny story actually. About a few weeks previous 
        Monji had broken his foot somehow and consequently needed a crutch in 
        order to walk. In this photo you can clearly see this crutch 数週間前足を折ったモンジの松葉づえが見える写真
This is a group of people I don't know doing Iggy and the Stooges songs. The next few photos have a profoundly "punk rock" feel to them. イギーポップのカバーバンド I title 
        this photo "how a band really works". Note the ominous shadow 
        of the bass player overarching the lead singer. 隠喩のような写真 More 
        of The Stooges cover band. I draw your attention to the lead singer. When 
        I first saw him sing I thought "how did Walter get to Japan?" 
        I mean, their styles are very similar. As a side note, at the end of the set he actually took all of his clothes off, so maybe he is Walter. 友達のウォルターみたいなイギーバンドの歌手
        other band, which did covers of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. 第二のミンペイ君入りバンド。今回はRed Hot Chili Peppers More 
        of the RHCP cover band. もう一回RHCPのカバーバンド

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