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Baseball, made in Japan(CMを覚えている方いますか?)

        shot of the whole JLI group at the baseball game. 野球試合を見てるJLIの皆さん Perhaps 
        the only picture of a baseball game in progress that you will find on 
        this site. 唯一の試合自体の写真 Some 
        of the JLI kids being weird 変な顔しているJLIの友達
        is one of the two people directly in charge of us at JLI. Her name is 
        Fukai-san and she is quite nice. The person to the left is her friend 
        who is also nice. 以前神話だったと思ったフカイさんと友達 The infamous 
        "have a beer with Hudson" shot. いわゆる「ハドソンと飲み会」って写真(その気持ち) Knight, 
        ready to eat some teddy-grams ダルシムのようなナイト君
        and Emiko. ナナコとエミコ Some 
        school kids who were behind us. This is actually to show. This really 
        weird custom that the swallows have where their fans take out their umbrellas 
        whenever the swallows do well. ヤクルトの試合でよく出るカサと子供 Swallows 
        fans, like in the background. 死にそうなスワローズのファン
        fans letting go of balloons at the 7th inning. The other team's fans all released there balloons at the same time 
        and made such a wonderful picture, but I couldn't get my camera out in 
        time so I got the Swallows side, who happened to be loosing horribly. 風船解放

All works this site copyright D. Szkoropad, 2001-2003 unless stated otherwise. This means don't steal it or I'll tell your mother on you. Domo-kun copyright NHK.

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